Happiness at Work

23 Jan

Several years ago, my husband had to go to Denmark for work a few times. I tagged along on his second business trip and fell in love with everything in Copenhagen. It is an amazing place and I can imagine a lot of people I met there have this happiness at work as described in this great video.

  • There’s a difference between happiness at work & job satisfaction. (~4 minutes)
  • Anyone can be happy at work. (~6 minutes)
  • Everyone should be happy at work. (“We spend more time at work than at anything else than sleep.” It helps you be happy in life in general. Happy people are better at almost everything.
  • Results and relationships are what make us happy at work – I totally get this one. (~12 minutes)
  • “If you’re in it for the money, I can guarantee you will probably be unhappy.” (~16 minutes)

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