27 Feb

My first two interviews are up and I’m working on a few more. Meanwhile, I need to find more subjects! Are you or do you know a woman who:

Feels passionate about her work?

Considers her life’s work beyond the title she’s given?

Does a non-traditional job for women or does her work in a non-traditional setting or hours? (I’d love to hear about women who job-share, for example, and other women who work at home.)

Feels workplace success goes beyond the paycheck?

Has made a career change or owns their own business?

These are some, not-all propositions. Is this you? Is this your friend or colleague?

I also want to hear from you if you have ideas on who you’d like me to interview now or in the future. I have a few bold ideas! But is there someone you want to hear from? That you’ve wondered just how they got to do what they do?

Comment here or email me at Amanda AT shehasmoxie Dot com

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