moxie, n.: determination, skill, fortitude.  Guts. Finding your passion and forging your own path with grace and joy.

An inspired life integrating work and soul isn’t always easy to create. Moxie is about taking chances and being optimistic!


Before my baby was born, I knew that if I had a girl, I wanted to do this project featuring women who were doing just what they wanted in their lives. I wanted to talk to people who have interesting answers when asked “what do you do?” I have nieces who I see just on the precipice of so many big decisions and remember feeling like those conversations about the future being squinchy and painful and awkward. I remember feeling like there weren’t a lot of choices beyond titles like businessperson, teacher, writer, doctor.

Mission statement:

She Has Moxie will share inspiring and practical stories of women and the work they do beyond the titles they have. I especially want to share stories of those who combine passions that don’t normally go together, create their own path, rise above doubt, employ themselves and lead others, or do non-traditional work for women. Initially, this is intended to be a magazine where you can peek into their lifestyles. I hope we can form a community and find ways to help each other find our own moxie.

About Amanda:

You might find me in a tizzy at work selling children’s books or on my living room floor in a mess of toys. I’m married to the man I fell in love with, who followed me home more than ten years ago. I have an amazing daughter, born February, 2010. I think a lot about everything I do, maybe too much. I perk up when I travel. I am a web addict. I sell stuff for work, but I don’t like having too much stuff around me. I come from a generous family who teach me a lot, even though we’re far away from each other. I don’t want to stop learning. I recycle competitively. I don’t shop on Sundays.

I moved to Chicago in July, 2010, following a lucky career opportunity that has taken me places I never would have imagined, stretched my skills, and generally been an amazing path.

At this time, I am not writing or interested in sponsored or paid posts. I reach out to people I’m truly interested in writing about and think will share a story that matches the mission statement of this web site. I am interested in your ideas for people to interview, but I also do not pay for the interviews. If I ever do post a sponsored interview or other piece, I will declare that in the body of the post.

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