Moxie, Observed

Links from the web about people who have moxie.

Added 7/25/11:
Friends, pay attention to Karen’s posts about Kenya. This is the first day alone and I’m a wreck, in the best & worst ways:

“‘Do you enjoy your job?’ I asked.

At this, her face broke into a wide smile. ‘I really do,’ she said emphatically. ‘I mean, why wouldn’t I? I’m a life-changer!‘”

A Little Big writes about the first bit of her new SAHM Gig. (Moms, don’t tell me you haven’t thought of doing exactly what Carrie Anne has!)

Added 5/11/11:
Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks is looking for people who “have changed careers from one job to something completely different, and you’re loving the change.” (I am, too!)

Awesome interview with Stephanie Precourt, who talks about getting back into the theater as a mom of four.

posted here on March 24, 2011: A WBEZ “Venture” story about Marcia Serlin, United Scrap Metal CEO, about striking out on her own with a business model usually run by men.

Posted here prior to March 24, 2011
An interview with Susie Takacs, owner of the Book Cellar: “It’s kind of hard to make what you love your job.” Takacs says. “It’s always a challenge.”

An interview with a teacher who quit her job in Philadelphia to join the Peace Corps in Uganda: “Adapting to a new way of life is a big part of the job.”

Advice to Myself for a Creative Career by Jordan Ferney

Check out the “A Few Good WAHM’s” interview series about work at home moms at Motherhood Uncensored.

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