October & November Links

30 Nov

Inspiration, thoughts on your life’s work, and girl power:

Girl Walk / / All Day music video via Hairpin.

You are what you learn, quote from Scott Adams at Mighty Girl.

I’m obsessed with this thought: Are you an energizer or a de-energizer at work? I really don’t want to be on the wrong side of this fence.

If I did not work at home, it would be that much harder to lead the life that I have. There’s so much to talk about here when it comes to work at home – a whole post.

A great response to a thought-provoking article from, uh, forever ago: Complimenting Girls.

Some good old-fashioned girl power posters.

Finally, I just want to share this again and be able to find it forever: 



Pulled away

30 Nov

I was thinking about balance when I wrote here. I could think of no eloquent way to say that balance is… not balance. Balance is not balancing. That is, it’s not halvsies, even-steven, or fair at all, at least when it comes to work-life balance. And it’s not even as simple as work-life balance because it’s really work-baby-marriage-house-values balance and it’s not even that simple.

When you ride a bike and there’s wind coming at you, you have to adjust to stay balanced. (But even just staying atop a bike is to find a space where you are pulled equally from either side, but  not pulled at all.)

If you’re short fifty bucks to pay the electrical bill, you can’t just take twenty-five each from the phone bill and the water budgets and call it balanced.

It has to come from somewhere and this site is where it came from this time, for me.

Maybe we can start a trend where we call it proportion instead of balance?

A lot has been going on here and just keeping up with daily life gets to be a challenge. My husband was gone 50% of the work days this year. He was gone 30% of all the days. Sometimes I have to be 1.5 parents (but he’s still 1 whole parent even when he’s gone) and I still feel like maybe I get to about 75% of the parent I’d like to be. Labor Day marked the start of a busy time at work that happens every year, but this year I just felt more overwhelmed by it than ever, so I felt like about 75% of an employee as well. And then I spent a lot of time in conflict with myself about living my values. That put me in a funk. I’m still not over that.

I hope to be back with more interviews. I realized my interviews can be really intense and long, so I’m working on a list of a basic five questions so more women can be featured here. What would you ask?